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I Heard Him Exclaim - Z.A. Maxfield Re-read for M/M bingo challenge:

I woke up in the middle of the night from a lingering bad dream and reached for my Kindle -- always helpful when sleep eludes and started in on ‘I Heard Him Exclaim’ by ZA Maxfield. With her trademark vivacious, smooth as butter delivery Maxfield sweeps you into this holiday read of two men meeting at a highway rest-stop, So comforting and welcome is a well-crafted love story. Chandler has 5 year old niece Poppy in tow and his car just broken down. Steve, shining white knight and sometime Santa Clause comes to the rescue. And there you have it. Several unusual premises coming together and made to work like magic. Maxfield has yet to let me down with her wonderful, inspired story-telling, even in this sweet, charming little story. Sweet dreams guaranteed!