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The Morning Star (Shadow of the Templar, #1)

The Morning Star (Shadow of the Templar, #1) - M. Chandler This is excellent and fun stuff. At times it reads like a 60’s era crime thriller with cool, urbane protagonists spouting sharp, witty dialogue, but the hi-tech gadgetry snaps you right back to present day.

Here, a crack team of FBI agents work to undermine a madman’s nefarious plan to launch a deadly, weaponed ‘Morning Star’ satellite. The plot also involves a notorious jewel thief...who may have his eye on more than the big shiny diamond that the evil bad guy hires him to steal in order to complete his dastardly plan.

The real star here is the team of covert agents lead by Simon Drake. Each one of the well-drawn operatives has their special skill set adding nicely to the action plot. Simon is wonderful as the snappy, brilliant commander, always cool under pressure. His nemesis, jewel thief, Jeremy Archer, code name, ‘the Shadow,’ looks just as fine whether outfitted in a tux, perfectly coifed and with a cigarette dangling from his fingers or kitted in a black cat suit ready to make the snatch. Their cat & mouse banter and subtle flirting leave you wondering just what’s going on between these two.

Here, is grown up attraction between men that doesn’t hit you over the head, doesn’t fall back on tired tropes of suck and fuck angstification. If you want your sex on the mild side, this is for you. Winding through a fun crime/espionage/action plot is a very different kind of underplayed UST -- and it all works together delivering a charmingly entertaining romp.