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Demon Love - Jack  Greene This is a light, sexy tidbit -- a teenaged boy’s cartoon-fantasy wet-dream...a take on the genie in a bottle trope. Two college buddies Lucas and Trevor (I really liked their dialogue play) find an ancient book of spells and on a Friday night (hey, dates are hard to come by sometimes) Lucas calls up a demon for kicks. Not just any demon, a tall, dark, and handsome(ly well-endowed) demon. A demon made to Lucas’ specifications as it was he who uttered the spell... a demon well versed in man-lovin' and who can give Lucas anything he wants. Anything. A yours/mine/forever kinda read, it’s all good fun. This is my first Jack Greene read; he seems to specialize in quick, sexy noshes and I'll be bellying up to the bar for more.

BTW, what is it about alleyway sex? Have most gay men done this or is it a common fantasy?