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Morgan Harcourt;Laylah Hunter;Thea Hayworth;Gryvon
Salting the Earth - Heidi Belleau, Violetta Vane
Reviewed previously as part of the [b:Like It or Not|13492551|Like It or Not|S.L. Armstrong|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1329688018s/13492551.jpg|19032949] anthology.

The opening to this story took a bit of puzzle solving to get the lay of the story-land and this is in keeping with these authors -- no spoon feeding and you have to work a bit for your literary supper.

We’re back on the Emerald Isle, same world as their previous The Druid Stone. Ronan’s twin sister Rose is looking a bit rough around the edges and disappears to somewhere every night. Ronan believes that the Sidhe are spiriting her away and using her in their sensual pursuits so he goes searching. He finds the faerie mound and slips into Sidhe-world and that’s when the story kicks into gear as we again meet the king of the faeries, Finnbheara and his court. Seductive Finnbheara played a part previously in ‘Druid Stone’ when he tried to lure two other of Belleau and Vane’s lads to his harem. He sinks his fetching, erm, claws into pretty, confused Ronan who becomes a plaything of Finnbheara’s court in a night of decadent debauchery. Imagine a sex-drug infused ongoing orgy and you’re there. Yum.