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Good to Know - D.W. Marchwell I read this for a GR challenge and let's just say it was a challenge to get through. The basic story itself was interesting but in the end, Good to Know tries too hard. The premise: two men find each other due to their concern for an orphaned little boy, they fall in love and build a family together. How could you not like that, right? Well, the love is a little too instant and the author pours on too much saccharine sweetness with constant pet names - baby, cowboy, mountain lion (yes, mountain lion) -- and lots of crying, sobbing, stopping up tears, wiping cheeks, leaking onto t-shirts, eyes brimming over, weeping. Now I like a skillfully used pet name just as much as anyone and a man crying is ok too...occasionally. Not every other page. Is this Good to Know? Yes, it is.