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In Over His Head - Kate Sherwood Cade and Aiden are university students on vacation at Aiden's family compound -- a beautiful and exclusive enclave filled with a crowd of his relatives. The two guys are very much in love and Cade, an introvert for reasons to be discovered later in the story, steels himself to meet Aiden's curious family. After all, he is dedicated to Aiden and wants to fully be a part of his life.

This is a tightly written, well-paced, atmospheric short story about how secrets can eat away at a relationship. It starts off innocently enough but bit by bit Sherwood drops pieces of the puzzle into place that alert us to more going on beneath the surface of a sunny vacation next to a lakeshore. Secrets are revealed and love is tested.

Kate Sherwood is one gifted story teller and her work holds a special place on my favorites shelf. She proves here that she can write a well crafted short story with the same ease as a full blown novel. 4.5 stars because of some typos but golly-gosh I'd rather round it up than down.