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The High King's Golden Tongue (Love is Always Write) - Megan Derr With 'High King' Megan Derr gives us a well developed world that I feel like I can walk around in. And here, I liked the lesson of being valued for intellect as opposed to brawn. Sarrica, the High King, needs a consort and well, he was really hoping for someone who could wield a sword. Along comes Allen who is most assuredly not a soldier but he can wield his silver tongue to translate just about anything the King may wish. Given that there is some unrest in this Kingdom which is made up of many lands with disparate languages, the King finds out just how resourceful it is to have a nimble (and comely) translator (now golden tongued) as well as a diplomat. There was some truncation of time flow (Allen's imprisonment) but on the whole this worked very well for me and it's free from the M/M Romance group's LIAW event.