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All Wrapped Up
Morgan Harcourt;Laylah Hunter;Thea Hayworth;Gryvon
Imprinted - Darcy Sweet Pick myself up off the floor, this was HOT. Hawt. hot. Ok, there ARE lady-bits, it is m/m/f. But the POV is Jacob’s, a hot n' horny college boy with very naughty neighbors, Mr. & Mrs. D. The happily married couple indulge Jacob’s voyeuristic tendencies and feed his every fantasy.

Still and all, there is a very strong m/m thread as Jacob and Mr. D have the major hots for each other exhibited in a fun D/s fashion. An extra plus is that the women in this read are strong and open about their sexuality. No pussyfooting around there.

I was wishing for a slightly different ending for Jacob but it’s all good. This one goes directly to the faves pile, yum.