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Anchors Aweigh - Janey Chapel So Janey Chapel knows how to write. And she knows how to write men. But she also knows how to write male camaraderie and military training and swagger without going over the top. These are real guys not fantasy supermen. Wait, they are Navy SEALs so they are badasses.

This sequel to Maritime Men is all about enduring separation from the one you love. Again we have Cooper’s POV. Cooper completes his SEAL training and Eli is deployed to dangerous parts unknown. Cooper and Eli had learned to support each other during their early grueling training days in the same crew but Eli now depends on what he learned from Eli’s leadership and puts it to good use in his own leadership training. He figures out just how much Eli was looking out for him. This is a different kind of love story in that the two MC’s are hardly together but their every breath is filled with wanting and needing each other. Oh, and then there's get-back-together sex. Loved it.