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All Wrapped Up
Morgan Harcourt;Laylah Hunter;Thea Hayworth;Gryvon
Out of the Tombs, Exceedingly Fierce - Heidi Belleau, Violetta Vane Whoa. We meet Cormac here for the first time in all his aggressive, dominant, sexy glory.

Marshall, a tourist looking for great photo ops meets up with Cormac, Druid sorcerer, in the ruins of haunted Knock Castle, Scotland. Night falls and evil sets chase. This free quickie is packed with action, horror, sharp, hot sex and wonderful language and imagery.

"The moonlight made his skin and hair glow gold, like he was some kind of god, ancient and beautiful..."

“I’d make you open my fly with your teeth, but you’re too much of a good boy for that, aren’t you? Not quite a virgin, but not far off, right? I’ll show you how it’s done, so.”

"The part of his mind that made comparisons and thought about limits was starting to shut down, turning him into a guiltless sexual thing, driven by pure id."

oh yeah. A sweet little afternoon nibble. I am glad that I read this after The Druid Stone.