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The Heart's Greater Silence - Anne Brooke As the blurb says Mark is torn between two men who desire him but neither of whom has everything he needs. Craig gives him loyal, vanilla love. Richard, a priest, gives him illicit, dark passion. There is betrayal all around and everyone ends up with their hearts ripped out, stomped on the floor.

This was well written, tight and astonishing in its swift breakdown of these relationships. Not really a romance nor particularly erotic for me. I'm left mostly dazed; sort of like at the end of a Shakespearian tragedy where the stage is littered with bodies, so much is lost and wasted and one wonders at the man, Mark, and just what he's in search of. There's gotta be more to this story.

My rating: 5 stars for the writing/storytelling; 3 stars for being left high and dry at the end; averages to 4 stars.