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The Twelve Days of Randy (Special Delivery, #2.5) - Heidi Cullinan 4 stars (re-rated upon second reading)

I loved [b:Special Delivery|7697602|Special Delivery (Special Delivery, #1)|Heidi Cullinan|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348023229s/7697602.jpg|10382646] and [b:Double Blind|7857356|Double Blind (Special Delivery, #2)|Heidi Cullinan|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348098602s/7857356.jpg|10995893] so am happy to re-visit this short about Randy and Ethan. Ethan is still running the casino with supervision by Crabtree, Randy’s ex lover. Ethan and Randy have been married for a year and it’s their first Xmas together in Vegas and they want to do it up right. And so what if Crabtree still tries to find ways to come between them?

Randy’s ‘twelve days’ are a tradition of raunchy stunts that he puts on at the casino on each day before Christmas. And Crabtree loves them -- it’s lewd and fun debauchery and hugely popular with the staff and guests. This year though, Randy is not so keen as the stunts make Ethan feel uncomfortable and exacerbate his jealousy over Randy’s past with Crabtree. Crabtree, of course, still likes to wreak havoc -- he’s insisting on continuing Randy’s 12-day tradition which will culminate with a test at the Christmas party. Randy loves Ethan and in the end they manage to make everyone happy AND turn the tables on Crabtree. For a short read we get a lot of story about Ethan and Randy’s life together and how they work things out. You’ll have to read the first two books to get this one but they’re all highly recommended.