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My True Love Sent To Me (A Cambridge Fellows Christmas Story) - Charlie Cochrane 3.5 stars

Dang, four character names in the first paragraph and my head was spinning to keep everyone straight from the get-go. Well, turns out this is part of a series and that’s what I get for jumping in out of order. This is what happens when you need to read as many holiday books as possible for a bingo challenge...choosing the shortest ones seemed logical at the time...

All that aside, I enjoyed this very short story. Orlando, a brilliant mathematician, is so buried in his work, his head in the clouds, that he hasn’t been quite attentive enough to lover Jonty and must make restitution to reclaim his affections. It's the holidays and Orlando sets in action a sweet enactment of the ‘twelve days of Christmas’ by offering one well-thought-out treat per day and Jonty is charmed back into the fold. Loved the writing and the MC's are charming. Gotta add book one in this series to the list.