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Once Upon a New Year's Eve - Azalea Moone 1.5 stars

Joey is trying to recover from a sudden and traumatic break up with his long-time boyfriend. He’s at a New Year’s Eve party licking his wounds when in walks an old high school nemesis, Dillon, who used to take joy in bullying and beating him down. The blurb asks ‘Can things even get worse?’

The author has a real job getting us from point A (recent break-up) to point B (facing a childhood bully) in a very short span of time in this holiday story. This fell apart for me when Joey goes back to Dillon’s hotel room with him. This smacks of a different kind of bullying to me as Joey has clearly had too much to drink, is clearly feeling vulnerable, and is now being pushed into a close-up with Dillon. I’m surprised Joey goes for it, this seems to be very dangerous behavior. Also, apparently Dillon is a recovering addict but that doesn’t keep him from drinking either. The ending leaves us hanging with no resolution for either guy. Not destined to be a favorite holiday read for me but I may be willing to see if a sequel treats these two better.