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All Wrapped Up
Morgan Harcourt;Laylah Hunter;Thea Hayworth;Gryvon
The Flesh Cartel #2: Auction (The Flesh Cartel Season 1: Damnation) - Rachel Haimowitz, Heidi Belleau
3.5 stars

Like reading with my hands to my face through my fingers...

This gut-wrenching, modern-day horror story continues to unfold as Dougie and Mat’s initial slave training comes to a head. This most certainly appeals to a darker reading appetite, the pain and fear is relentless. Who’s pain and fear? -- Dougie and Mat’s, or the reader's? The torture will spin itself out over a long interval of time. It’s not a romance, it’s not even erotica. It is a reader’s mind-fuck. And it’s so hard to look away...

Once again the writing is very good and that is what draws me in and holds me snared. Spare and flowing, I watch, held captive as the spider continues to weave its web. I have to know what happens to these two guys who’ve lost their freedom.