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Whatever The Cost - Lynn Kelling Ok., the cover hooked me... I fell hard in love with Jacen at the git-go. Man, what a complicated relationship Liam and Jacen have. They are high-class call boys, room-mates, friends, and are secretly in love with each other. Their work compounds issues from their respective childhoods -- exploitation, abuse, terror and neglect. These two men seem doomed from the start but they find something in each other that helps to reconnect them with their humanity as they attempt to rebuild their lives and their souls. It's not all about seeking redemption -- there's also the hot kink and sexual obsession...and Leah, a different kind of secondary character. Oh, there’s a LOT of angst and drama in this read but it works given the circumstances. The often-changing POV’s do get in the way but I was so rooting for these two guys. Ms. Kelling delivers on that yummy cover by writing some really compelling characters. Rating: 4.5 stars rounded up for the hotness.