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Break and Enter - Rachel Haimowitz, Aleksandr Voinov Reading ‘Break and Enter’ took me back to musing about (and drooling over) elite athletes competing in the recent Olympics games. The constant training and pushing physical limits often through pain and injury. And the whole drugging issue that drifts in and out of the spectacle. Drugs used to enhance performance... This illicit practice has been around forever and unfortunately it’s not going anywhere fast.

Forget drugs, what about bionic enhancement? What if we could use bionic body parts for improved performance? Think of Oscar Pistorius, the South African Olympic runner, an amputee fitted with leg prosthetics that may not be bionic but allowed him to accomplish something truly remarkable and revolutionary at the recent Summer Games in London. Could bionic additions be far off?

Haimowitz and Voinov take a look at this looming future (Voinov has harkened to it in previous books, most recently in my experience, Incursion where his MC, another physically handicapped ex-soldier, is bionically enabled.) It’s to the authors’ credit that the futuristic aspects of ‘Break and Enter’ while adding a tasty piquancy, don’t overwhelm what is essentially a romance about a loner, Victor/Cyke, a cybernetic-ally enhanced, part machine/part computer guy, living on the edge. Cyke is an intense, hard-boiled anti-hero. His inner dialogue -- snarky pep-talking -- entertains and endears us to him from the start. He meets EMT, Bear, after a botched mission and finds in him a home beacon to ground him. No cooky-cutter m/m romance here. A little techy, a little action, a little horror in a dark and gritty world. That Voinov and Haimowitz fluidly integrate these with a little love story is a testament to their skill. This was great seamless teamwork all around.