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The Delaneys And Me - Anne Brooke It took a bit for me to get into this one... not promising with a short story. It was the humiliation aspect (sooo ok when the parties involved are consenting and into it) in the beginning between the Delaney twins and Liam that left me a bit cold. Now, humiliation can be titillating but these Delaneys are thugs and hold all the cards. They’ve got a beef with Liam -- he crossed them -- and they own this city and can hurt him real bad. With a gun. Oh, there’s a touch of gunplay too. Anyways, poor Liam’s scared out of his skull, or is he...? He pulls the rug out when it seems that being afraid is his kink. So, he’s fearing for his life but starts sassing the thugs and putting his money where his mouth is *wink wink* and they dig it. Save. Turned the tables on the Delaneys and saved the gig for me. Left me really wanting to know what will happen next.