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Get What You Need - Janey Chapel 4.5 stars

I was hooked from the start as we land in the smoky, dive-y bar, setting for where Jay first sets eyes on Patrick. The first 25% of this was a bit slow going, setting up some pretty complicated characters while flirting with the instant attraction between these two... a little more 'telling' than showing than I usually like but that, even, was part of the tease.

Then the book starts cooking, like going from a slow simmer to throwing fuel on the fire. Jay and Patrick are like to magnets -- boing and click. Their chemistry is so strong you can almost feel the steam rising up off your kindle/book/reading device. I really liked how in a very short space of time Janey Chapel gives us a fleshed out (ahem) picture of who these guys are, where they come from, and what the attraction is all about 'cause it's really more than just a quick hook-up. Great writing, storytelling, setting, characters. I want more of them though...