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Bad Company - K.A. Mitchell This just goes round and round and really ends up nowhere. Why should I care about these two guys? Give me one good reason? Kellan is a loser, but really. He’s like, what, almost 30 and he’s self-centered, a real playboy/skirt chaser, has no skillzzz (not even bo-staff, ok he can play the guitar a bit), his little head does more thinking than his big one, and he still lives on daddy’s dime until he gets kicked out. Nate isn’t much better -- he’s hot for Kellan and gets duped into supporting him. Add them together and it spells... meh, I can feel no chemistry between the two in this friends to enemies to friends tale where I wish they would just get on with it already.

I suppose the ‘bad company’ is the one owned by Kellan’s dad who is the big bad guy here too. He did something really bad to Nate’s family years ago. But we get so little story about why and how except the sense that this could have helped make a better story in the first place. And maybe the title is a play on Kellan’s crashing with Nate -- he’s the proverbial bad houseguest that just won’t go away. Charming.

I’ve been told the 2nd book in this series is much better and since I already own it will give it a try. God grant us tender mercies.