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Public Lives, Private Pleasures - Adrianna Dane
4.5 stars A re-read to see if it holds up...

‘A night for fucking... the air was crisp...filled with the floral aroma of cherry blossoms...but the other odor he scented--the hint of cigarette smoke that lingered...that was the one that brought to mind skin filmed in sweat, sheets tangled. More in line with the afterglow of an extremely satisfying sexual encounter.’

Seductive and provocative...and we're off... Adrien, a D.C. senator's son, meets Frankie on a spring night and the physical pull between them can’t be denied. But what if your politically prominent, very public family life doesn’t mesh with your private proclivities? What if they can’t accept Adrien’s wild-boy rebellion and attraction to Frankie?

What I like is the author’s ability to evoke the smoldering physicality of sexual attraction in Adrien’s hot lust for Frankie. Even better, Adrien is seriously hurting, he’s been denying his sexuality for so long that when he finally connects with Frankie it’s like a tinderbox igniting.

This does hold up well on a second read. There are typos here and there and some awkward phrasing but the writing is wonderfully evocative in this short story about a very sensual journey of awakening.