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A Thread of Deepest Black - Finn Marlowe
3.5 stars

This is my second attempt at reading this book and I’m glad I persevered. At its core this is a sweetly erotic love story between two men from very different ‘cultures’ who become obsessed with each other and this is what keeps me reading.

My issues are that I found the start of the story choppy and difficult to follow and therefore, sink into; the world difficult to suss out; and the dynamic between Killian and Colton confusing. They are both big, bad shifters yet they are sworn, mortal enemies. There are different kinds of shifters in this world but it’s not clear initially why they are enemies. Colton gets the story rolling when he, an omni-shifter, dares to ask Killian, big bad were-shifter, to kill him (reason not given for a long, long time). Killian agrees on one condition and Colton leaves in a huff.

The story unfolds as a drawn out seduction that overwhelms the underlying mystery as to why Colton wants to end his life. Killian is curious too but he initially seems more absorbed by his lust for the gorgeous Colton and the chance to dominate this sworn enemy. And that is his condition -- before any killing, Colton must give himself to Killian. Page after page of it and not much else happening. Don’t get me wrong, the seduction is erotic and the sex/BDSM scenes are panty wilting; and Killian’s plan seems to be to seduce the truth out of Colton. But it also takes me a while to cozy up to Killian (yes, he is a sexy and self-assured Dom but he treads a dangerous line bordering on self-absorbed, self-important, arrogant egotist) and there’s that nagging issue of Colton’s unhappiness -- an interesting mystery that the author withholds for too long.

It isn’t until the last chapters when the mystery finally unfolds with a ramp-up to the climactic action scene, that the story clicks into place. So, in the end, while I enjoyed the romance, I wished for a smoother delivery and that there’d been more balance between the romance and mystery building and more information given about this world.