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All Wrapped Up
Morgan Harcourt;Laylah Hunter;Thea Hayworth;Gryvon
Deconstruction - Kit Zheng
Is it hot in here? The sex in this story is steamy and seamy, dark and dirty… thick on the page… there is a lot of it. But it’s also integral to the plot. It defines what Tomas is all about. He’s a walking Id; he wants sex more than anything else and for some reason, his live-in lover, Vic, who he proclaims to love, is not enough.

Tomas, tall, blond and ripped, is a popular stripper/exotic dancer and hustles on the side. It’s a dangerous way to make a living, not only because someone is targeting hookers, leaving their dead bodies around town, but because selling himself feeds a dark kink he’s quickly losing control to.

Previously, Vic didn’t have a problem with how Tomas made his living, in fact he found it hot. But after three years, it’s all growing old. To make things worse, Vic is a cop investigating the murdered hookers, he can’t help but see Tomas in them. His work is hitting too close to home. He’s getting tired of Tomas’ late nights with other men, and he’s fearful Tomas is putting himself in danger. A relationship at a crossroads…

Tomas is one kinky dude (cops and leather fetish, bondage, public sex, humiliation) and his kinks hold him in thrall and in shame. His hang-ups are super hot because he’s so lost in them. He has a regular client, Jon, a crooked vice cop who’s got Tomas’s number and wants to take advantage, push him as far as he can. But Tomas plays this coy denial game with him that only serves to ramp up the heat. It’s such a tease and the build up to who will do what when is delicious.

Meanwhile, Vic is willing to give Tomas what he needs too. Dang, the guy is a cop after all, and role-play in his uniform and those sexy knee-hi, formfitting, shiny black leather boots is just what Tomas likes.

”He crossed the room… fell to his knees. Vic sat on the edge of the bed and rested his boot heels on Tomas’ shoulders, nudged him forward. Tomas… turned his head, dragged his mouth over leather, inhaled. The sweet-dark smell made him groan; Vic digging his heels into Tomas’ shoulders so that he could feel every ridge and scuff on the bottom of the boot made him nearly come…”

How does he do it? This guy, a prostitute with a kink for cops, has two cops hot for him. Tomas’s little boy lost, fallen boy-scout persona is what keeps them cranked up. But where does lust stop and love begin?

Lest we forget, there is a murder mystery lurking in the background that brings this passion play to a head. I’m not completely convinced at the end of the story that Tomas has reached any resolution with his darker temptations, whether Vic will be able to hold his attention. But I sure liked these complicated guys and the tension the author sets up. It’d be great to read more about them. There doesn’t seem to be a sequel but I’ll definitely be checking out this author’s other stuff.